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Typically my clients are

C-Suite, Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, Coaches or Personal Individuals

Who are currently facing some of the following challenges:

Difficulty achieving business or performance results

Lost direction or focus on what next in their life

Feeling stressed trying to balance work and home life

Have an active negative internal critic which is creating fear, panic or anxiety

At a cross roads in their lives and / or careers and need to make a decision

I work with my clients to

Increase productivity, effectiveness and business results

Create a clear vision, strategy and direction on what next

Build their own personal emotional toolkit from which to grow stronger resilience

Enable them to make empowered and strategic decisions about their life or business

Improve balance in all areas of their lives

My coaching services

  • I work with clients to increase their personal power, self-belief and self-confidence to enable them to have even more success, both professionally and personally.

  • Through a series of one to one sessions I work with Mums to increase their self identity, self-belief and self confidence. Empowering and supporting them to feel more in control and enabling them to have more balance and even more holistic successes.

  • Working with individuals in a group context to develop collaborative peer relationships, share knowledge and to improve self, team and organisational communication and business results.


What my happy clients say

I don’t know about you but I always read the reviews or get a recommendation before I book holidays, restaurants, shows etc as it gives a more ‘real’ picture of what they say they offer. And actually your life and happiness is much more critically important and as such the majority of my clients are personally referred to me. With that in mind some of my Happy Clients have independently and very kindly shared their personal and/or business benefits as a result of investing with me as their Coach

About me

Hi, my name is Mary.
If you are looking for an independent, compassionate, fun and intuitive Coach to work with you to achieve a better version of yourself, team or organisation you have found the right person. I love disrupting your thinking, being a supportive catalyst for change and truly encouraging you to be a stretcher of possibilities.

As an accredited Australian Board of NLP, Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist, I draw on nearly 3 decades of experience of working in the Corporate field in three different countries. I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone countless times in both my work and in my personal life and along the way I have learned about the power of resilience, courage and embracing discomfort as a prerequisite for success.

I only work with people who are ready now to make changes in their lives. Want to grow with me?

More About Me

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