#10 The Health Benefits Of Improv With Jon Cancio | LISTEN

A Cup of Tea with the hilarious Jon Cancio, actor, teacher, director, and photographer. He was my teacher on my first ever foray into the world of improvised drama in 2018 with the The Improv Company.

Find out how watching TV in his early years influenced his job choices, specifically the TV show ER and Greys Anatomy which prompted him to start a career in medicine. And his life changing epiphany when he realises he has the magic and power take away someone’s pain for a moment and he decides that he wants to live in this moment for ever.

Jon turned the tables on me at the end and started interviewing me! We discussed the correlation of my love of coaching and how the use of improv allows me to help my clients be the best version of themselves. This was such a fun interview, enjoy!

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