#12 Taking Courage And Listening To Your Intuition With Sulochana Uthirapathi | LISTEN

Join me and Sulochana Uthirapathi the Managing Director of Transform Borders for a cup of tea. Hear how Sulo was feeling stuck, defeated and was living a career which lacked purpose. She took courage to leave, listening to her intuition that there must be more out there for her. And there was!

With a change in mindset and clarity on where she wanted to go Sulo became a business owner, finding complete joy in helping others. Her business has grown from strength to strength and is going global, in just 3 years!

Sulo is such an incredibly kind and authentic person which is why I call her and her gorgeous family, my Singapore family. We have had so many synchrodestiny moments in the time we have been friends, it is truly magical. At the end of the podcast I’ll explain more 😊

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