#16 Successfully changing industries with courage and resilience with Soo Kui Jien | LISTEN

It’s quite unusual from someone to go from self employed into working in the Corporate world, it’s usually the other way around. But my first guest of series 2, Soo Kui Jien, has done just that and very successfully too!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jien 3 years ago and I immediately connected with his innate positivity, enthusiastic energy and ability to make everyone feel at ease.

Listen to hear how, in his career to date, Jien has transitioned successfully from being in front of the screen as a Disney TV presenter, the Host of Malaysian and Asian Idol and presenter of premier football into being behind the scenes as the Marketing VP for Tiger Beer and presently Head of Marketing for Legacy Wealth.

I think you will find it so interesting to hear how his journey unfolded, how he loves to connect and build relationships and how being a father has changed his outlook on his next career steps.

If you are considering moving into a new career doing something completely different, then this episode is for you! Enjoy!

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