#18 How fitness is key to a healthy mind and body with Sam McGrath | LISTEN

Listen to my conversation with Sam McGrath where we discuss changing his identity from soldier to banker. Now working as a MD for a bank in Singapore, Sam was once the youngest soldier in the Parachute Regiment to achieve the rank of Major since World War 2!

We discuss male anxiety and the model Sam uses to help alleviate worry in his life, along with the positive impacts of fitness on mental health. The Author of ‘Be PARA Fit: The 4-Week Formula for Elite Fitness‘, Sam and I talk about how his fitness regime has been an important part of his schedule and a part of his ongoing success.

It’s inspirational to hear Sam’s loyalty to his career in the Military and how his skills have transferred across to the Corporate world. I love how he thinks about life in a holistic way and continues to push himself whilst remaining true to his purpose and family. A true MasterLeader! I hope you enjoy it!

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