#21 How self-esteem and connections can get you the job you didn’t know you wanted with Shan Wee | LISTEN

Join me for a conversation with Singapore Kiss92FM DJ and Music Director, Shan Wee, where we talk about his upbringing in Northern Ireland, his career path into radio and how writing became part of his boy’s bedtime routine!

Shan is the author of two books, one non-fiction (99 Rules for New Dads) and one fiction (The Short Life of Raven Munro).  I loved how Shan wanted to write to leave a legacy, for his books and name to be public and on bookshelves forever. Yet naturally the other legacy he has for his boys comes from the power of self-confidence and self-esteem which he got from his stable family unit.

I love hearing people’s stories of childhood to where they are now, and Shan’s story just highlights that people make the world go round 😊 Enjoy!

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