#24 How your illness can help you discover your true calling with Alex Mearns | LISTEN

Join me for a conversation with Alex Mearns who went from finance to wellness following his own ill health. Now the founder of Levitise and Holistic Health Practice here in Singapore, Alex talks about how he did his own self-help research to improve his own mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing without the need of medication. This journey to improved health sparked a passion for helping others too and a move out of the financial business. After considering a few new career options including organic coffee, Alex came up with Levitise – a multi-specialist service for senior executives who are stressed and lacking energy.

We discuss the impact of Covid and the hamster wheel that so many people are on, how the 6 human needs are so key right now, in particular connection and certainty.

It is inspiring to hear how changing his mindset whilst building Levitise has given him more awareness, he is feeling content and now is in his words a ‘better’ human being and it was exciting to hear a about his vision and global expansion plans moving forward. Exciting times! Enjoy listening!

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