#25 How mental burnout led to becoming a Secret Agent with Laura Yates | LISTEN

Join me for a conversation with Laura Yates, the Secret Agent of the Secret Sunrise Community Singapore.

Laura shares how she went from Chartered Accountant to ‘Ambassador of Joy’, spreading happiness through Music, Movement and Connection. Laura talks about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how her corporate career led to her burnout, twice. By finding Secret Sunrise, Laura said she finally felt her authentic self and how by leaning into movement she was able to heal her mental health.

Leaving her home country and moving to Singapore, Laura was determined not to lose those feelings of ease, so she founded a Secret Sunrise Community here.  Thank goodness she did because I’ve been an extremely happy participant and I can’t wait to go again!

Discover where and why this Community began 9 years ago, what it’s all about and how, if you’re a bit shy you can still join in.

Laura is 100% living her Ambassador of Joy title, lighting up our cup of tea together with her energy; she ignited me with joy for the rest of the day. I know you will feel this too after listening!

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