#29 There are no limits with Sera Murphy | LISTEN

Join me and Sera Murphy, known as The ReOutfitter, a personal fashion stylist with sustainability at the heart of her business.

Listen to how she went from fun fashion swaps with friends to starting a business that impacts positively on people and the planet – a powerful combination. Sera is truly inspiring with her passion for slow fashion. We talk about her journey into entrepreneurship as well as the challenges she faced during motherhood and how this experience has given her strength to run her own business.

I love how we both work with helping people be their most authentic self – I focus on the inside, Sera the outside. By understanding yourself more, and your style, you’ll be able to make much more sustainable choices. So if ‘sustainable fashion’ scares or confuses you, or if like me you dislike shopping, you’ll be inspired to hire a stylist after listening to this episode (Sera is offering a discount to my Tribe so look out for that!).

Enjoy and happy shopping!

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