Mary & Angela Foulds

#30 Cultivating Well Being with Angela Foulds | LISTEN

Join me and Angela Foulds, The Coach Connector and Founder of The Power Within, a business where potential clients are matched with her pool of experienced and highly qualified Coaches.

Listen to Angela’s inspirational journey and why she decided to set up The Power Within in 2020. Spoiler alert, I feature in this journey!

We also share exclusive details of our Cultivating Well Being Experiences that we are embarking on together. With Angela’s amazing organisation skills and experience in event management, and my impactful delivery skills, we are bringing you an experience you’ll always remember.

We talk about why focusing on wellbeing is SO vital right now, who the experience is for and the many, many benefits you gain from coming along to join the FUN.

If you’re interested in reserving your space, join the Mary B Tribe to find out more!

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