#7 Turning A Hustle Into An Award-Winning Business With Tom Peacock-Nazil | LISTEN

Join me and the Co-Founder of Seven Clean Seas, Tom Peacock-Nazil to hear his fascinating career journey from Sales to Financial Advisor to an ‘accidental environmentalist’ to an extremely inspiring and world-changing entrepreneur.

Tom was like a trapped bird whilst working for the corporate world, he knew it wasn’t the environment where he would thrive. Little did he know that his hobby of beach clean ups in Singapore would lead to a business. A business, which is not only saving marine life but also creating a community of like minded people. Seven Clean Seas now operates in 5 different countries and has recovered over 56,000kg of plastic from the ocean. And the dream doesn’t end there. Listen to us talk about what the future of Seven Clean Seas looks like plus the risks you have to take when starting a business, how side hustles are key when taking the leap into entrepreneurship and the need for Bouncebackability.

If you are currently at university, or starting off in the work place or indeed the worried  parent of a teenage child who hasn’t found their ‘passion’ yet I know you will find Toms words of advice inspirational and thought provoking.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer with Seven Clean Seas you can do so here: https://sevencleanseas.com/

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