#9 A New Mother’s Frustration Turned Into A Multi-Business with Elise Mawson | LISTEN

Elise Mawson, the founder of Taxi Baby, joins me for a cup of tea and to talk about how 5.5 years ago as brand new mum she had a massive meltdown which led to a business idea which turned into a side hustle whilst still working as an Engineer in the Corporate world. Her company, Taxi Baby are now the resident car seats experts in Singapore.

Since Covid 19 she has started another business PramFox, helping new parents find the right ‘vehicle’ for their babies needs and lifestyle. And she is also launching a collaborative community based book.

Elise is a great example of ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ and her authenticity, honesty and sharing of her own vulnerabilities as a mum and as an entrepreneur is both inspiring and comforting at the same time.

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