About Mary

I started my coaching career in the early 1990s whilst being a Manager at Barclays Bank in London. I was trained by GROW coaching model founders, Sir John Whitmore and David Emery. This set me up to be an ‘eternal student’.

Knowing that I wanted to enable others to make more transformational and sustainable changes, I enhanced my coaching practice by attaining my NLP Practitioner accreditation with Arielle Essex in London in 1999. In that same year I embarked on the Anthony Robbins Life University Programme, following Anthony Robbins around the world and enjoying an intensive 18 months learning the practical application of NLP from one of today’s recognised Coaching Masters.

In 2000 I was headhunted by BMW UK to join their team as a Regional Quality Coach and was soon asked to be the Coach for BMW Germany training all the Quality Coaches for Europe; the first female in this position.

To fulfil my own personal dream of coaching and training international leaders and managers in a range of organisations, in 2004 I decided to start my own business. In 2010 I gained my Master Practitioner level in NLP in Singapore and in 2014 my NLP Trainers accreditation in Sydney Australia with NLP Worldwide. NLP Worldwide are recognized as one of the top 30 NLP trainers in the world.

In 2021, in order to further deepen my learning and accelerate my client’s results, I studied with LCCH Asia to become a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I believe the mind and body are connected so I use my passion for health and nutrition to offer a holistic review of an individual within my coaching sessions. In these busy times it’s easy not to eat as well as we need to, I think food is a medicine and can help heal us. Therefore if necessary I refer clients to a qualified Nutritionist on my recommended list.  Also both yoga and meditation are well-documented to have psychological, emotional and physical benefits for people. So in 2009 to deepen my understanding and knowledge of yoga I completed a 3 month intensive yoga teacher training course with John Olgivie in Byron Bay, Australia and in the same year attended a certified Laughter Yoga Course with the founder Dr Makitarian in Switzerland. I often educate clients in specific breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga asanas to help the individual if required. I also arrange Team or Organisation training with one of my recommended highly experienced yoga masters.

Following 4 years of experiencing life, work and culture in Sweden, in 2010 I moved to Singapore. I am the very proud and delighted mother of two young children and find the role of motherhood a joy and a challenge in equal measure. I am aware of the challenges that exist when you are a working mother and I proactively work to ensure that I have the correct balance for me and my family. I operate from the position that I have to be ‘fully charged’ before I can give to others which is why I exercise regularly, meditate, eat healthily and get a good night’s sleep, when I can! I use NLP tools and techniques to help develop my children’s self-confidence and build emotional resilience to prepare them to deal with the ups and downs of life. I love the flexibility of having my own business and juggle my diary and commitments to allow myself to enjoy all areas of my life.  I feel blessed and grateful to be living the life I have created in my mind.

“I am with you for the marathon, not the sprint”

With my vast range of work and personal experience plus training I feel that I am best qualified to support you to fulfil your ambitions. I thrive on long term relationships; taking an individual, team or organisation on a journey, I am with you for the marathon, not the sprint. I specialize in helping organizations raise the level of individual’s productivity and communication.  Better individuals make better teams and better teams drive the business forward to new levels of success.

Just imagine having an independent person helping you, your team or organization achieve your goals or dreams. Working with you to remove any conscious or unconscious blocks and obstacles in your minds and empowering you to enhance your talents, resources and creativity.

If you enjoy learning and having fun at the same time, then contact me to find out more: mary@marybarrett.global

“Every time you make a choice
you change the direction of your life”
– Mary Barrett

The I AM Series is an artistic medium designed to reach a wide audience of children and adults who would love the gift of being given a visual reminder of who they are on a daily basis. I AM is a gift for everyone at any age as it’s never too late to decide who you want to be.


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