Mary pouring tea

Can people really change?

Have you ever asked yourself, can people change?

Let me tell you about a woman I used to know.

She regularly ate a breakfast of Diet Coke with ice and lemon (the first of at least five she would drink each day) plus two slices of toasted white bread.

For lunch, she would grab a McDonald’s. And dinner would be processed, take-away food from her local supermarket, washed down with half a bottle of wine.

Throughout the day, she would snack on various bars of high fat milk chocolate and salted packets of crisps. She never drank any water.

Afraid and emotional

Her emotional highs and lows were like riding a roller coaster on a daily basis. It was exhausting for her and everyone around her. She had spotty skin and regularly felt lethargic and unmotivated.

She fed her fear by listening to the news on her way to work and watching the news on television in the evening.

She tuned into all the negativity in the office. She believed all the worry her Mother downloaded on to her as the truth.

She was afraid to drive on any motorways, go somewhere new on public transportation on her own, travel alone in a taxi, or make friends with people ‘who weren’t the same as her’. She was frightened to change jobs, so she stayed working for one organisation for far too long because she underrated her value. She never shared her failure of not being able to conceive a child biologically with her friends, in of fear of judgement, and compared herself negatively to all those who could.

She was ungrateful and unappreciative of the miracle of life.

That woman was me!

Life-enriching adjustments

From my 30s on, I began to educate my mind, body, and spirit. It began when I first learned about NLP in 1999, and it’s been an incremental journey of self improvement ever since.

Examples of my daily nutritional intake now:

Breakfast: sauerkraut; freshly squeezed vegetable juice; various supplements. Poached eggs with mashed avocado and seeds on sourdough bread.

Lunch: Vegetable soup or vegetable rice paper spring rolls

Dinner: A fantastic range of wholesome vegetarian homemade dishes; sparkling water with a slice of lime; and now I’m happy to confess that I’m loving my sober conscious approach to alcohol.

Snacks: nuts, hummus & veggie sticks, dark 70%+ chocolate

And the odd bit of cake: I want to live to 100 and still want to have fun!

My favourite chefs are: 

Ottelenghi Simple

Rikmini Ayer Traybakes

The accidental Vegetarian

Deliciously Ella

I now drink 2 litres of water and many pots of jasmine rose or peppermint tea.

The 80-20 rule

I live by the 80/20 rule of eating. 80% of the time I am self-disciplined about my food and drink, so 20% of the time I can be flexible when dining out. 

When I’m SCARED I lean into my courage and resilience every day!

I never listen to or watch the news. 

I always aim to spend time with people who lift me higher.

I am an eternal student, always learning more in my field.

I never compare myself to others; I am the conductor of my own life, and I love the music I play.

I value my expertise highly, and therefore others do too.

I know my mother’s fears and beliefs are not mine.

I meditate, journal, and exercise (yoga, tennis, walking, swimming, and dancing) 5-7 days per week.

I am incredibly grateful and appreciate everything about my wonderful miracle of life.

Most days (because I am a human being work in progress) I feel energised physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

So yes, people can really change.

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