Joining the dots by Butterlfy Mango

Joining the dots… | READ

It’s Monday morning and I am enjoying my regular MMMM (Monday Morning Motivational Meeting) with Charmaine, a fellow inspirational Success Coach, and she reminds me of the fabulous quote from Steve Jobs,

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

And it made me really reflect on my life and how true that statement is.

In the past, when unfortunate incidents have happened in my life (that is in reality things have not gone as I had expected or wanted) it could be so easy for me to fall into ‘victim mode’ and moan and groan and blame the world. And if I was really feeling sorry for myself I would throw myself a ‘Pity Me Party’, sometimes even drowning my sorrows in a private champagne binge (I am a 5 star girl, so I’ve got to do it in style!) which of course makes everything feel worse, especially the next morning….

And the real truth is, as Steve Job says, when I look back at those incidents and join the dots they were all leading me to another step on my success journey. Now with the awareness and belief that The Universe is always working in my favour, even when it doesn’t feel like it, I trust and know that something better is on its way and of course it is, isn’t it?

I wonder when you look back and join your dots what do you discover?  And knowing that just how exciting is that moving forward?