Last Quarter or First Term? | READ

Still in ‘recovery’ from the school holidays?

Finding it challenging to get motivated and gain some focus?

Dreading the business results that still need to be achieved before December?

 As many households across the world deal with the end of the very long (from a parent’s perspective) or not long enough (from a child’s perspective) school holidays, I think we would all agree that we are now mentally gearing ourselves up for the new school year.

Holidaying with kids isn’t about the holiday. (Because let’s face it, that’s just exhausting!) It is about making memories and spending time together.

Remember when you went back to school after the summer holidays; with larger uniforms and shoes for bodies that seem to strangely grow more rapidly between June and August, new pencil cases and stationery for the next stage in your educational journey, jittery nerves and bright eyed excitement about bonding with old friends, meeting class teachers and making new friends and sharing stories of holiday experiences and locations… With an open and alluring vision of a whole school term and new school year stretching out in front of you, you were full of curiosity for unknown adventures, challenges, opportunities and growth.

And yet, in the business world, we call this time of year the ‘last quarter’, the ‘end of year’, the ‘final furlong’… all quite terminal vocabulary.  All indicating an ending whilst dragging our feet along to push through towards final goals or results. From a mindset perspective, may I suggest that its negatively programming our thinking and narrowing down our potential for the new, the unknown, the untapped possibilities.  

Barbara Fredickson[1] researched the power of positive language on personal and business results. She went into 60 companies and transcribed every word that was said in business meetings. One-third of the companies were flourishing economically, one-third were doing okay, and one-third were failing. Barbara coded each sentence for positive or negative words and then took a simple ratio of positive to negative statements. The results demonstrated a sharp dividing line: companies with a better ratio for positive to negative statements were flourishing and any company below that ratio were not doing well economically. An interesting exercise eh? I wonder what ratio you and your business could achieve?

How about using this new measure of time as an opportunity after the summer harvest, to regroup, sew some new seeds and check other matured pastures for a bumper first term? Let’s gain refuelled energy and motivation to expand and dive deep.  Dr Joe Dispenza from his book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’ says “Every time we have a thought we make a chemical. If we have good, elevated thoughts or happy thoughts we make chemicals that make us feel good or happy. And if we have negative thoughts or bad thoughts or insecure thoughts we make chemicals that make us feel exactly the way we are thinking. So every chemical that is released in the brain is literally a message that feeds the physical body. Now the body begins to feel the way we are thinking.”

Wherever you are in your business or personal life today is a direct correlation to the thoughts in your head, which cause you to feel a certain way and in turn directs your behaviours. As Dr Bruce Lipton says, “our lives are a printout of our thoughts”. The language we use daily and the pictures we envisage in our mind create our reality.

I don’t know about you but as business owner myself I love starting a ‘new term’. It’s a great opportunity to start creating our own reality and you can begin by using positive language – I wonder what will happen?  And if you need help to change your thinking, re-programme your habits and accelerate your results, contact me at

[1]  Barbara Fredrickson (Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and principal investigator of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory (a.k.a. PEP Lab) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.