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MasterTeam Coaching Services

I create a bespoke MasterTeam Program built around the needs of the team (3 – 24 months). Individual coaching can also be included if required. MasterTeam programs can take place at preferred locations, in person or virtually.

Do you find that...

You feel frustrated because you and or your team are not achieving the results that you want?

You are stressed as there is always too much to do and not enough time to do it?

There is regular misunderstanding of the messages you are trying to convey?

You can’t see the wood from the trees and are lost in the constant chaos of change?

Teams are not working cohesively or effectively?

You feel lonely and unmotivated as a sole business owner?

Do you wish you could...

Have all your messages clearly understood by any recipient?

Achieve increased sustainable  financial results?

Lead your team or organisation with more creativity, fun and energy?

Enjoy eco collaboration and connection with like minded individuals?

Be more focused and motivated on a daily basis?

How does it work...

Working with individuals in a dedicated group context to:

Understand how people’s minds function, and how to best connect and communicate flexibly with any individual, regardless of personality, culture, age or interest

Learn your own and others motivation strategies and how to harness them for more successes

Grow personal power, self belief and self confidence

Develop supportive peer to peer connections and broaden internal and external networks

Increase sales performance and share best practice

Improve productivity for self, team and the organisation

What do MasterTeam coaching clients say?

 “Mary has been working with AAM Advisory and many of my colleagues for several years. She conducts motivational and leadership coaching for AAM. She is well regarded by many in AAM and a lot of my colleagues seek her advice for issues they faced. Mary is enthusiastic and engaging in her sessions and she is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I will highly recommend her services to any organization that needs it.”

Eryk Lee | CFO | MasterTeam Client

“We engaged Mary to provide both group and individual coaching to our leadership team.  The personal and business benefits gained were invaluable.  Mary is people focused, engaging and has a wealth of experience.  She has an ability to form interpersonal connections with clients, making them feel like a friend instead of a trainer/coach.  She is able to provide advice and guidance that is tailored to individual aspirations as well as team goals.

 Mary is able to ask the right and probing questions to elicit deep self-reflection leading to positive change.  And she manages to strike a balance between coaching, mentoring, educating and challenging which we have found effective in helping the team in their development journey.

I strongly value Mary’s partnership and her ability to help leaders realise and develop to their full potential.”

COO  | Hedgefund | MasterTeam Client