Mary’s Monday Motivational Mail (MMMM)

Every week Mary sends a motivational mail to her Tribe. Each edition is filled with inspiration for the week ahead, along with HomeFun to put what you read into practice.

“Thanks Mary! Another brilliant MMMM! Helps to start the week off on the right note :)”

“Hi Mary, I wanted to share that this was a terrific newsletter. It was authentic and also brought lots of value to the recipient in terms of actionable items (a book, a podcast etc)”

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Previous editions

Edition 1: MMMM: How your breath can work for you

Edition 2: MMMM: Show some courage 💪

Edition 3: MMMM: Do you trust yourself?

Edition 4: MMMM: Empowering Questions

Edition 5: MMMM: Finding Purpose 💫

Edition 6: MMMM: Time for R&R (Reflect & Refocus) 😊

Edition 7: MMMM: Bringing your goals to life 🎯

Edition 8: MMMM: Courage to change careers

Edition 9: MMMM: Following the dream to entrepreneurship

Edition 10: MMMM: How habits can create a life you love 😍

Edition 11: MMMM: Trust your instinct and follow your passion 🌈

Edition 12: MMMM: Living life with curiosity… and a fun challenge! 😆

Edition 13: MMMM: How a radio DJ has inspired me to write ✒

Edition 14: 7 Days to Essential SelFULLness 💛

Edition 15: From the dark side 😈 to superhero healer 💫

Edition 16: HomeFun incoming! 📙 😁

Edition 17: Stepping into your power 💪

Edition 18: Doing something good for the world 🌏💛

Edition 19: Write away those worries 📝

Edition 20: How being unwell 💊  led to a true calling ⚡

Edition 21: How do you know your living your True Calling? 🌠

Edition 22: How mental burnout 😖 led to being an Ambassador of Joy 😃

Edition: 23: Be here now and enjoy it 💫

Edition 24: Have you listened to them all? 🎙️

Edition 25: A little gift for you 😀

Edition 26: Time to unplug 🔌

Edition 27: Holiday Mantra #1 ✨

Edition 28: Holiday Mantra #2 ✨

Edition 29: Holiday Mantra #3 ✨