Raging Redundancies

Are you one of the millions who are living on the edge with the threat of losing your job through no fault of your own?

Even though you’ve worked really hard and delivered consistent results for your organisation?

Are you feeling anxious? Is your inner dialogue going crazy? Are you worried and not sleeping properly?

How much of your energy is going into your negative downward spiral? Are you FEARcasting and imagining the worst case scenario? (Even though it may not even happen?)

Change the way you’re focusing your efforts

I kindly invite you to re-channel your precious energy and instead take control of what you can influence. 

This model is based on Stephen Covey’s Model of Proactivity, which has a ‘circle of concern’ for things outside your control and a ‘circle of influence’ which is all the things you can do and have control over. And as you expand your circle of influence, your concerns reduce, don’t they?


What you CAN control and influence

Physically – Maryism “If you feed yourself crap food, drink too much alcohol and go to bed too late, and stop exercising, guaranteed, you will feel crap.”

  • Ensure you are eating nutritious and energising food, reduce or (or go crazy 🙂) and cut out alcohol for a while. 
  • Daily, complete movement of any kind, for a minimum of 20 mins. 
  • Set yourself up for restful and re energising sleep. 
  • Learn a centering breathing technique, like 3 breaths and a sigh – check out how on my IG reel.

Mentally  – Maryism “You are your greatest asset.”

  • Continue to develop your mind and your capabilities, you are not your job title, YOU are so much more than that, aren’t you?
  • Is your CV and Linked In profile up to date, including your photo?
  • What is your personal brand and how are you communicating that to your sector?
  • Who in your network can you reach out to for information, support and connections?
  • How can you use your time to upskill or even think about a career change?
  • Maybe it’s time to complete your own Ikigai model. – link here to model
  • When was the last time you reviewed what was important to you in your career, for who you are now not when you started at the organisation? 

Emotionally – Maryism – “Who you spend time with is who you become.”

  • Begin hanging around with people who lift you higher and make you believe in yourself and your abilities. 
  • Tell yourself a better narrative and start FOREcasting what you do want moving forward.
  • Stop hanging around with others who are doom and gloom, it doesn’t help them and it certainly doesn’t help you!
  • Be compassionate and kind to yourself, remind yourself that you are doing the best you can with the resources you have at this time. And you are, aren’t you.

Complimentary HomeFUN
In order to help you secure your next position 🙂

Listen Joel Osteen ‘Stay open to change’ podcast

Read Scared article

Exercise Values


And if you want some wise, independent, and trusted help on the journey to maximise your areas of influence, then it would be my absolute pleasure to discuss how we can work together.  Email me to arrange a complimentary online discovery call – mary@marybarrett.global