Storytelling in the CBD | READ


I start my day as usual with my positive habit, exercise and meditation, to ensure I set myself up  for the best day possible. I arrive at my clients offices in the CBD to continue The Academy Graduate Programme in an innovative and progressive Financial Institution.

Today’s Mindset Training Session focuses on Goal Setting and Visualisation, one of my favourites. It encourages them to get to start dreaming BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and think about the resources they have already have, giving them tools to  amplify and magnify them which allows them to  discover some unconscious limitations like limiting beliefs or fears they may not be consciously aware of.

I am about hour into the session when the fire alarm goes off and after a few ‘is it real?’ conversations we do as all dutiful citizens do, we exit the building by the stairs……luckily we are only 6 floors up!

So I am now on the street at 10.30 am in the hot, CDB area with 10 young men. What does one do?  We scout a coffee shop and crowd around a table and start playing with my Story Cubes…

Story Cubes are a fabulous way to kick start your imagination and creativity. Both highly useful and necessary when thinking about setting BHAGs. You just roll the die and tell your story using a dice at a time to describe what happens next…

So picture this, 10 guys and me playing with pictured die and telling stories about our desired future. It was such fun! We felt we should have been drinking shots in a bar (it would be a great after dinner drinking game – not that I am suggesting that!). It really started the ball rolling towards setting their own goals later that morning.

So next time you or your team get locked out of your building, take our your Story Cubes and start designing your future, you never know it might come true…