The Comfort of Fear | READ

The Comfort of Fear

Panic, anxiety, shortness of breath, 

rapid heartbeat and head rushing fullness

of what can go wrong. 

Full engagement of your creative imagination

tuning the channel to the horror movie, 

the worst-case scenario, embellishing the scenes 

with the words, pictures and 

feelings of despair and terror. 

Living in your head, sending fear-based 

chemicals into your body, 

living constantly in fight or flight and your head

constantly feeling like it’s going to explore. 

Yet, you feel alive. 

You feel a rush of strong emotion that greets you

like a familiar old friend. 

Why would you want to say goodbye to 

that indulgent friend who has always allowed you 

to stay safe, enabled you to not take any risks

and kept you securely inside your comfort zone? 

Why would you indeed? 


What are you frightened of? What’s holding you back? #Courage is harder than sitting in fear. Take a leap, contact me if you’d like to overcome the comfort of fear!