Mary coaching a client

The Power and Potential of Hypnotherapy in MasterLeader Coaching

Control your mind, control your results

I’ve studied and worked in the field of the mind, body, and spirit for over 30 years, and I’ve always had a curiosity about the potential and the science of neuroplasticity.  I love that there is now even more scientific proof that humans can reprogram their neural pathways and calm their nervous system, something I have evidenced for decades both personally and professionally, so they can feel calmer, happier, and more authentically aligned. It’s  truly wonderful to empower people to stop living from their past pain, clear unconscious blocks and to enable them to influence their future to succeed in all areas of their lives. In truth, once you can control your mind, you can control your results.

Knowing this, I wanted to further develop my skills to support my clients, and during the COVID pandemic in 2021, I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the London School of Clinical Communication & Hypnosis (LSCCH). Since adding more hypnotherapy to my huge coaching toolkit, all of my clients, no matter what problems or goals they come to me with, have shown significant, fast results, even after just one session.

The benefits of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a simple, gentle, yet incredibly powerful tool. It is pain and medication free and induces a natural feeling of relaxation, calm, and being in control. It enables your body to go into homeostasis by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. And in this state, dormant unconscious limitations can be accessed easily and effortlessly and life changing positive suggestions can be embedded in your unconscious mind. 

Mary coaching a client

To dispel some hypnotherapy myths, it is not about running and squawking around the room like a chicken (unless you want to!) or forcing you to share your deepest, darkest secrets. Hypnosis is, in fact, perfect because it bypasses your little ‘Thinking Mind’ and accesses your super powerful ‘Unconscious Mind’ and ‘Higher Conscious Mind’. You can imagine your unconscious mind as an iCloud that stores everything that has ever happened to you in your whole life, whether you can consciously remember it or not. And your Higher Conscious Mind as your inner compass or intuitive GPS always finding your true north. People rarely examine what is in their unconscious mind and whether it is still necessary for who they are now and who they are becoming in the future. And yet the scary fact is that it drives your behaviour every moment of every day which impacts the outcomes you want to achieve.

Working with MasterLeaders who feel self-doubt

Recently, another successful Senior Executive Client who was recommended to work with me, had been rejected once again from a promotion and was feeling increasingly frustrated as to why it wasn’t happening for him. By the time he had engaged me to be his MasterLeader Coach, he was nearly burnt out, immensely stressed, and had been suffering from crippling insomnia for months – which had now become the norm. He was working in a daily fog, feeling as if he were climbing Mount Everest on a daily basis, but only ever reaching base camp. In his opinion, he had done “the work”  putting in well over the hours he was being paid for, managing his stakeholders, and consistently producing good results for the business. In his spare time, he was also coaching and leading the younger members of the management team. So what was he doing “wrong” when he appeared to be doing so much “right”?

Through his coaching sessions, my MasterLeader client was able to recognise a feeling of “not being good enough”. As a child of immigrants who grew up in a foreign country, he had a different life at school than at home. This made him feel like he always had to prove he belonged. He had bought into other people’s limited and racist opinions of him, burying a seed of self-doubt that had manifested over the years into being a ‘pleaser’ to everyone else but himself. 

Accelerated success with hypnosis

I used hypnosis as well as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools to access his unconscious mind to help him overcome these negative thoughts and historic limiting beliefs and to reprogram empowering emotions and positive thoughts. Of course, it is never just the tools alone that are used to enable my MasterLeader Clients to change their disempowering beliefs and behaviours. It is much more multi-layered and complex. From my experience, the faith, trust, and belief my Clients have in me, as well as the ones I have in them, also play a major part. Building rapport, practising deep active listening, and having fun on the journey all contribute to the changes. With my deepened hypnotherapy skills, I love being able to give personalised recordings to my Clients as part of their ‘HomeFun’ (because no one wants HomeWork do they?) so transformations can continue long after they leave the Coaching environment. 

When this MasterLeader told me he had said to his wife, “I’m going to bed now with Mary B”, I laughed out loud. Luckily, I knew he meant he was listening to me in his ears with a personalised hypnotherapy recording I had given him. It brings me great joy to know that my voice is being heard all over the world, positively whispering into my clients’ ears as they travel back and forth, assisting them to reprogramme, reset, and refresh themselves before meetings, interviews, and performances, and even falling asleep, using the 10 to 20 minute recordings I provide. They always find it amazing and astonishing to realise that when they can control their minds, they can control their results too.

The results speak for themselves

And yes, my MasterLeader got his promotion. His self confidence and self belief rocketed. He now knows that he is’ good enough’ and he has adopted Deepak Chopra’s sage advice, “Other people’s opinion of me is none of my business” as an inner mantra. Best of all, he now sleeps like a baby every night… without me. 

I’m looking forward to expanding my hypnotherapy experience, not only within Coaching sessions but also as an invited lecturer for London School of Clinical Communication & Hypnosis (LSCCH) to support their fabulous work in helping more people understand the power of their own mind.


If you’d like to learn more about how my hypnotherapy and coaching can help you change your disempowering beliefs and behaviours, get in touch for a consultation.