The Power of Negativity | READ

It is so easy to be overcome with #negativity.
Positivism takes a lot of energy and willpower. Surround yourself with positive people, get out of your comfort zone and do everything you can to create and maintain a #positivemindset. Any mental shift, small or big, will have a massive impact and huge results.

The Power of Negativity

Seductive and succulent it creeps over you, 

invades you and immobilises you. 

With its heady addictiveness it keeps you stuck, 

allows you to play small and allows you to feel ‘safe’. 

No more certainty, no more disappointments, 

all low expectations met and delivered. 

You don’t have to practise it. You don’t have to 

reprogram yourself. 

You can do it so easily and effortlessly. 

It radiates like an energy field and automatically 

attracts likeminded people with whom you can

dwell and indulge in the blame game without 

recourse or criticism. 

Surely, it’s everyone else’s fault that you’re feeling like this? 

So why would you change when the payoffs are so luxurious and self-full? 

Yes, why would you? 


Do you need help moving from – to +? Do you feel stuck in your safe zone? Contact me for empowering sessions to remove negativity’s hold on you.