Tips for Working from Home | READ

In this rare and unique time, many more people are being forced to work from home.  Although initially it can seem like freedom from your office chains, it can suddenly morph into feeling unmotivated, lonely, restless and non-achieving.

As someone who has worked from a home office base for over 16 years, I have found these tried and tested ways to keep me disciplined, focused and self-motivated –


Designate a separate area for your work. If there are multiples working from home, like me at present (one husband and 2 children aged 8 and 9 yrs), give everyone their own space where possible that THEY must keep tidy…


Start and finish ‘work’ at a regular time. Make it a positive habit to shut your computer down. This is a great new discipline habit for anyone thinking about starting their own business from home anytime in the future.


I schedule my exercise time for first thing in the morning as that is a time I can usually control. It gives me a feeling of achievement even if the rest of the day goes ‘pear shaped’. I have at least given my body some love.


Get dressed to ‘go’ to work, e.g. out of your PJ’s/ gym clothes. I personally put my make up on and do my hair as it makes me feel more human – plus no real shocks for others and myself when on video calls! Wear clothes that make you feel confident, capable and able to communicate clearly on those online calls.


Chunk down the day to hourly intervals. Dedicate 45 minutes straight focus time. Put your timer on to remind you, no Facebook, no WhatsApp etc and then take a break – 15 minutes. During your break you can check your messages, emails etc and it is also critically essential to also move your body, dance, stretch, walk around the house, sing out loud, don’t worry the neighbours will just be entertained! If you have a yoga mat put it on the floor so you can stretch at any time.


If you are going to snack, eat nuts and fruit to balance sugar levels and sustain energy. Keep a jug of water next to you to encourage you to keep sipping to hydrate your body and brain.


Whilst working play some motivating background music that allows you to think creatively or motivates you. My song is ‘This girl is on fire’ by Alicia Keys, which helps me to achieve more or something that calms you down when you can hear your kids shouting at each other…


If you have some aromatherapy oils, burn them or some scented candles to enhance the space.


Give yourself a nutritious lunch break, even if it’s for 20 minutes to recharge, refocus and add more power to your brain.


If you are more extrovert like me, we gain energy from being around other people so schedule a daily call with someone who lifts you higher or makes you laugh out loud.  The introverts are less likely to need others to chat to and enjoy more solitude, so leave them alone!


Write down daily the progress you have made. It’s a great habit for hard-wiring successes, releases the celebratory endorphins and makes you want to achieve more. Make your list for what is outstanding for the next morning. Knowing you are feeling more organised in advance means you will sleep better.

What are your must-haves for a successful day working from home?