MasterMum: What ‘apps’ do you need to delete? | READ

Overwhelmed, overloaded or just over IT?

And by IT I mean struggling to balance everything; managing work, organising homelife, connecting with family, socialising with friends, still WFH, suffering E-learning 😱, squeezing in active exercise, trying to eating healthily, and the list goes on… I wonder do you ever feel like screaming into a pillow and/or telling everyone to ‘just leave me alone!’ ???

Imagine you are a mobile phone and you’ve got all these ‘apps’ running and multiple windows open. You know you can’t work unless you are plugging in and recharging daily. But can you actually remember the last time you were on ‘flight mode’?

Late 2020 I finally conceded, after ‘should-ing all over myself’ (AKA self induced guilt) and gave myself permission to delete a couple of after school kids activities ‘apps’ which were draining my battery and not giving me any joy. I think we live in a world of thinking we must do this because it means I’m a bad mother if I don’t and ‘oughtism’; I really ought to spend more quality moments with my kids and actually the real truth is no one else really cares. And NO ONE will thank you for being a martyr, least of all your children who are programmed to be selfish!

If you are waking up and going to bed feeling constantly fatigued maybe now is the time to give yourself permission to delete some ‘apps’ too. You know the ones which are draining your battery don’t you?

I going to suggest we all download a new fictitious app I’m calling:

As the quote says,

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’

And if you are new to this concept of self care I invite you to start small and allow yourself to just take a luxurious moment daily to charge your battery:

☕ Savour a cup of your favourite tea or coffee away from your desk – mine is a Jasmine rose green tea in a Wedgewood teacup and saucer

🕯 Light a scented candle or have an aromatherapy diffuser to beautifully perfume the area you are working in – Jo Malones Davana and Honeysuckle is wonderful

🥗 Enjoy a nutritious soup for lunch. I can’t hurry eating soup so it’s the perfect meal to eat mindfully. I love making this dhal and turning leftovers into a tasty soup to freeze for a quick, convenient lunch.

🍫 Treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate – 70% cocoa is best as it’s so rich it limits how much I can eat (at one sitting😜)

🎶 Listen to some uplifting music – Andrea Bocelli singing is so abundant to my ears

🐱🐶Stroke your cat or dog – as a new puppy owner I never realised what a luxurious moment that really is!

🤗 Spontaneously hug your partner or children – giving you both an automatic oxytocin release

Remember ‘You are the oxygen of the family’ and if you get depleted the impact is huge.

If you need someone to reprogramme your ‘Shoulding’ or ‘Oughtism’ and help you delete some ‘apps’ then connect with me – as an habitual luxurious moment addict I know I can build your essential selFULLness too.