Want to make fewer decisions in 2022? | READ

On Saturday while enjoying a working mums guilt free brunch with my fabulous friend, an Educational Coach, she mentioned that she hadn’t yet chosen her word of the year.

As a lover of language and knowing how it can (and does), both positively and negatively unconsciously hypnotize us, I was super curious. “What do you mean word for the year?”. She explained that each year she gives herself a word to focus on that supports her and helps her get clarity on decisions and remain true to herself throughout the following 365 days. So it got me thinking and in true Mary B style researching…

Did you know that researchers at Cornell University estimate we make 226.7 decisions each day on food alone. And as your level of responsibility increases, so does the multitude of choices you have to make. It’s estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Each decision, of course, carries certain consequences with it that are both good and bad. The ‘grandad’ of positive psychology Jack Canfield says,

When you are clear on your values then there is no decision to be made.”

Our values are the important steers in all areas of our lives, they are unconscious but direct our behaviour on a daily basis. Mmmm… I reflected and I thought what is the word that I want to use this year that I want to value and live by? Like a thunderbolt from the heavens it immediately hit me. The word came to me… BOUNDARIES.

As the wise Brene Brown says,

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”

Yes, it is about having the courage to love ourselves. I call it self compassion – ‘filling your cup’ – taking care of you so you can take more care of others. I pride myself that I love to learn and am constantly evolving as a human BEing and as a entrepreneur. So I am listening to the feisty Mel Robbins when she says,

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Personally I won’t be using that language but I will be saying no. No to the various work requests that I have done historically from the kindness of my heart, but in actual reality I really resented as it either took time away from my family or it involved doing unpaid work for my business.

My amazing friend and fellow Coach had already set up this ‘ritual for success’ in three classrooms for her lucky school pupils. Imagine learning this technique when you are only 13 years young. I wonder what would have been be different in your life to date?

Well you now know and as I say When you know better, you can BE better’ and you can, can’t you.

I’m curious what’s your word of the year that you want to live by?